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Dear Fellow Bird Lover,

Learning the latest news on avian diseases, household hazards, avian nutrition, or avian behavior are just a  few of the things you will do at a MACAW meeting. And as you learn more about the special qualities and talents of your birds, you will come to understand and appreciate them even more than you do today. When you learn how to avoid household hazards, or learn how to recognize when your bird is sick, or which foods are the best to give your bird and which make them sick, you will avoid needless heartache and suffering and will also save money by avoiding expensive vet bills.

Our wish here at MACAW is to offer you this opportunity to learn as we continuously educate ourselves on our birds. We also believe in having fun and helping other avian causes along the way -- through our seminars, auctions, picnics and behind the scenes special tours. Please join us for an hour for an afternoon of fun learning, making new friends and seeing for yourself what MACAW is all about.  Our meetings are always open and free to the public. You might just learn that you are among friends with a similar interest --- birds!

Thanks for stopping by.

Steve Fitzsimmons,
Madison Area Cagebird Association of Wisconsin

Are Held:

Second Sunday of the Month
Jardy, a Greater Jardine's Parrot (usually excluding June, July and August)
Board Meeting - 1:30 p.m.
Hospitality Break - 2:25 p.m.
Educational Program - 2:30 p.m.

All MACAW members are welcome to attend board meetings. Bring your ideas and contribute to the club.  Send your ideas to me.  Thank you!






MACAW 2008 Calendar:










  MACAW Meeting Location:
  Dane County Humane Society
  5132 Voges Road
  Madison, WI
  (just south of Stoughton Rd and the beltline)
  For directions:  Map 1 --  Map 2
We meet in the large classroom next to the gift shop. Everyone is welcome. Let's talk birds!

2008 Winter/Spring Schedule of Events

January 13th - Dr. Sladky - Feather picking                      

February 10th - Dr. Kate Myrna - The Avian Eye                                               

March 9th - Dietrich Schaaf - Audubon Society

April 13th - MACAW turns 25! MACAW Roundtable                                         

June 8th - Private Aviary Tour at Henry Vilas Zoo 2pm

2008 Fall/Winter Schedule of Events

September  14th - 1:30PM. Annual Picnic. Hope to see you there.


October 12th - Research Study: Parrot Gastrointestinal Disease.  Dr. Sophie Dennison 



Important note from meeting:

Dr. Sophie Dennison from UW explains the many different possibilities for proventricular disease:
1. proventriculitis (infection or inflammation or both), -- treatable
2. neoplasia (cancer), heavy metal ingestion, metabolic - treatable
3. derangement, foreign body ingestion, and neuropathic - treatable
4. gastric dilation (formerly known as PDD - proventricular
dilatation disease and macaw wasting syndrome). - usually assumed, but not always the case

Diagnostic testing is crucial in determining the cause.
Misdiagnosis can and has lead to needless deaths (over 50%)
More info on PDD

Is your parrot suffering from: Vomiting, diarrhea, regurgitation, or anorexia? They may be eligible to join the free ongoing study at UW. Please contact for more info on this important study.

  November 9th - Open

  December 14th - Holiday Party - 1pm DCHS
Bring a dish to pass and enjoy a great time with other members as we make bird toys, listen to Christmas music, eat, hold a holiday raffle & hold elections.

 If you have a topic you would like to learn more about, or a speaker to recommend, please contact me. 

(Last updated 10/13/2008)

Feathered and un-feathered friends are welcome at our meetings. We just ask that if you bring a bird to a meeting that you please bring hand wipes for safe clean handling. Thank you!

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